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Centre for Public Health Promotion


Head: MUDr. Marie Nejedla

Contact: Tel: 26708 2693

Email: marie.nejedla@szu_cz

Secretariat: CPVZ@szu_cz

The Centre for Public Health Promotion (CPVZ) consists of three departments within which the National Reference Centre for Health and Prevention Programmes operates. CPVZ prepares and provides sources for the Ministry of Health in the field of public health, performs various public health-related activities under authorization by the Ministry of Health, participates in EU activities and carries out related autonomous operations. Specific tasks are primarily forwarded and directed by the Ministry of Health and NIPH statutes. NIPH activities are specified under legislation no. 258/2000 Sb.



1) Collaboration with the Ministry of Health

· for national and regional policy

· for international projects and activities

· for legislation

· for administration

2) Activities authorized by the Ministry of Health

· methodical activity in the public health sector

· population health education

· legislative activity in the field of public health

· standardization of procedures and methodology in public health and health education

· evaluation of health risks

· collaboration and preparation of methodology for OOVZ activities in the field of HDM

· collaboration in the creation of national public health protection databases

· coordination of the WHO programme ‘Schools Promoting Health’

· implementation of the EU Action Plan for a Tobacco Free Europe and European Alcohol Action Plan as a coordinating, monitoring and research establishment

3) Participation in EU public health promotion activities

· acquisition and realization of EU grants

· participation in the harmonization of EU regulations in the field of health promotion and child and adolescent health

4) Autonomous activities in public health promotion

· reference and methodology in the health promotion and protection sector

· pre- and postgraduate education

· research activities as part of the national research programme

· monitoring trends of chronic non-infectious diseases

· monitoring the development of health determinants and population risk behaviour

· participation in environmental health monitoring, collection and processing of data

· editorial activities in the health education field

· monitoring long-term trends of growth in the child and adolescent population (secondary trends of height, excess and low body mass, changes during adolescence etc.)

· updating growth charts for paediatric practice (publication in health and vaccination certificates for children and adolescents)

· promotion of correct use of growth charts for evaluation of individual and population nutrition status

· promotion of correct nutrition of young children (propagation of long-term breastfeeding as recommended by WHO, growth data of breastfed children)

5) Other public health promotion activities

· creation of intervention strategies in health promotion

· organization and methodical support of regional public health promotion

· international cooperation, realization of thematically related projects

· management of the National Reference Centre for Prevention and Health Promotion