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International cooperation



200481-DEVANI - Desing of a vaccine to immunize neonates against GBS infections through a durable maternal immune response MUDr. P. Křížová, CSc.
244237-COPHES-Consortium to prerform human biomonitoring on a European Scale Prof. MUDr. M. Černá, DrSc.
245163-ACROPOLIS- Aggregate and cumulative risk of pesticides: an On-line integrated strategy Doc. MVDr. J. Ruprich, CSc.
259268- ODHIN-Optimizing delivery of health care interventions MUDr. H.Sovinová
223252-GRADIENT -Tackling the Gradient; Applying public health policies to effectively reduce health inequalities amongst families and children Doc. PhDr. V. Kebza, CSc.
036196-EURRECA - Harmonising nutrient recommendations across Europe with special focus on vulnerable groups and consumer understanding Doc. MVDr. J. Ruprich, CSc.
242244 - HAPIEE III.- Health, Alcohol and Psychosocial factors In Eastern Europe MUDr. R. Kubínová
20102203- Equity Action - Joint Action on Health Inequalities MUDr. H. Janatová, CSc.
Creation of educational programme and methodological materials for activities of local groups supporting rational prescribtion of antimicrobial agents Bc. J. Šturma
20092301- EHES - The European Health Examination Survey MUDr. R. Kubínová
242244 - CHANCES- Consortium on Health and Ageing: Network of Cohorts in Europe and in United States MUDr. R. Kubínová
SANCO/2009/C4/04 - SINPHONIE- Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe MUDr. H. Kazmarová
17.020200/08/507574 EMARS II - PROSAFE- The Product Safety Enforcement Forum of Europe Ing. J. Sosnovcová
LIVE09 ENV/BE/000410- DEMOCOPHES - Demonstration of a study to Coordinate and Perform Human Biomonitoring on a European Scale Prof. MUDr. M. Černá, DrSc.
EFSA/DATEX/2009/02 - PANCAKE- Pilot study in the view of a Pan-European dietary survey-infants and children Doc. MVDr. J. Ruprich, CSc.
20091223 - Crossing Bridges - Developing methodologies and building capacity to advance the implementation of HiAP and achieve health equity MUDr. H. Janatová, CSc.
Health risk assessment of selected chemical and parameters in drinking water MUDr. F.Kožíšek, CSc.
20081209 - COMPHP - Developing Competencies for Health Promotion Capacity Building in Europe MUDr. H. Janatová, CSc.
2008306 - ENGENDER - Inventory of good practices in Europe for promoting gender equity in health MUDr. H. Janatová, CSc.