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National Projects Czech Republic



NS/10324-3/09 Development of the guideline for the diagnosis of an occupational lesion of the ulnar nerve Doc. MUDr. P. Urban, CSc.
NS/10230-3/09 Rationalization of strategy of oncological treatment of radically inoperable colorectal liver metastases RNDr. P. Souček, CSc.
NT11032-6/2010 Analysis of Mobile Genetic Elements Carried Out Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Genes in the Czech Republic MUDr. H. Žemličková, Ph.D.
NS/9648-4/08 Health risks of local skin toxicity determined by alternative toxicological methods in vitro MUDr. D. Jírová, CSc.
NS/9802-4/08 Semilongitudinal study of somatic development and injury incidence in school children RNDr. S. Janoušek
NS/9799-4/08 Study of relation between expression profiles in tumor tissue and result of chemotherapy of breast carcinomas RNDr. P. Souček, CSc.
NS/9803-4/08 Resistance of breast and ovarian cancer to cytostatics due to ABC transporters and relation of kinesins to prognosis and prediction
MUDr. I. Gut, DrSc.
NR/9642-4/08 Evolution of oxacilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the Czech Republic and its consequences. MUDr. H. Žemličková, Ph.D.
NS/9647-4/08 Acute toxicity of a binary and ternary mixtures and a way of its prediction RNDr. M. Rucki, Ph.D.
NS/9644-4/08 Biological monitoring and risk evaluation occupational glycolether exposure Ing. V. Stránský, CSc.
NS/9643-4/08 The presence of sortase enzymes SrtB, SrtC and SrtD in clinical isolates of Streptocococcus pneumoniae and their role in the virulence and resistance to antimicrobials. MUDr. H. Žemličková, Ph.D.
NS/9645-4/08 Determinants of risk patterns in alcohol use in the young adult population: analysis of medical, social, and psychological context MUDr. H. Sovinová
NS/9974-4/08 Elaboration of guidelines for assessment of growth of a breastfed child pursuant to a comparison of growth of exclusively breastfed children with both, current Czech growth charts and the standards of the World Health Organisation. Ing. J. Vignerová, CSc.
NT/11424-4/10 Study of the usability of meningococcal vaccines designed using reverse vaccinology methods in the Czech Republic MUDr. P. Křížová, CSc.
NT11429-5/10 Effect of long-term asymptomatic Toxoplasma gondii infection on the immune and clinical state of HIV-positive patients RNDr. P. Kodym, CSc.
NT/11425-5/10 Mapping of natural foci of zoonoses transmissible to humans and evaluation of their change due to the climate modifications. MUDr. B. Kříž, CSc.
NS/9972-4/08 Nutritional status assessment of elderly people in the institutionalised care Mgr. A. Krsková, Ph.D.
NT/11159-5/10 Mapování výskytu makrolidové rezistence původce syfilis v ČR a molekulární typizace jednotlivých syfilitických kmenů MUDr. Hana Zákoucká
NT/12493-3/2011 Virological and genetic characteristics of influenza A viruses in relationship to the clinical severity of infection MUDr. M.Havlíčková, CSc.
NT/12051-3/2011 Ochratoxin A – health risk assessment for selected population groups in the Czech Republic doc. MVDr. V.Ostrý, CSc.
NT/12025-4/2011 Molecular-biological and histopathological characteristics of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes as instrument of prediction of risk of early colorectal cancer recurrence RNDr. P.Souček, CSc.
203/09/1583 Occurrence of residues of human pharmaceuticals in drinking water and their health risks MUDr. F. Kožíšek, CSc.
301/09/0362 Role of caspase-2 in apoptosis induction by taxanes in breast cancer cells Ing. M. Ehrlichová
210/10/0554 Magnetic speciation of atmospheric PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 collected at sites with different air quality RNDr. B. Kotlík, Ph.D.
310/07/0675 Mucosal immunization by influenza virus type A MUDr. M. Havlíčková, CSc.
310/07/1430 Molecular and genetic characreristics of sporadic colorectal cancer in the Czech Republic MUDr. L. Vodičková, CSc.
203/09/0148 Modern methods of detection and determination of microbial toxins Doc. MVDr. R. Karpíšková, Ph.D.
310/09/0459 Role of bacteriophages in horizontal transfer of virulence and drug rezistance genes in Staphylococcus aureus RNDr. P. Petráš, CSc.
525/09/0102 Bioaccumulation of rare earth elements by green algae, impact on their physiology and cell cycle RNDr. M. Rucki, Ph.D.
406/09/0611 Cognitive determinants of health related behavior Doc. PhDr. V. Kebza, CSc.
203/09/0256 Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry studies of volatile compounds emited by bacterial cultures Doc. RNDr. A. Nemec, Ph.D.
304/10/1286 DNA repair and sporadic colorectal cancer RNDr. P. Souček, CSc.
407/10/2410 Studying optimal development longitudinally: potential of Prague and Brno studies on life-span development Doc. PhDr. V. Kebza, CSc.
P209/11/1985 Temporal and spatial patterns of links between weather and morbidity due to cardiovascular diseases MUDr. B. Kříž, CSc.
KAN 200520702 Nanoimunosenzory pro detekci cytokinů MUDr. M. Havelková
IAAX01110901 The role of adrenergic signaling and oxidative stress in molecular mechanisms of cardioprotection induced by chronic hypoxia RNDr. J. Mráz, CSc.
2B06048 Microbiological risks in dairy processing – detection and preventive measures Doc. MVDr. R. Karpíšková, Ph.D.
2B08009 Minimalization of negative effects caused by synanthropic vertebrates on human health and environment. Doc. RNDr. P. Rödl, CSc.
2B08075 QSAR model for toxicity assessment of chemical mixtures RNDr. M. Rucki, Ph.D.
2B08050 Listeria monocytogenes - procedures enabling reliable quality and safety assesment of dairy products, phases of technological processes, final products and their storge Doc. MVDr. R. Karpíšková, Ph.D.
2B08051 New strategy of biological monitoring of mutagens and carcinogens RNDr. J. Mráz, CSc.
SMSM2009VZ009 ISI Web of Knowledge Mgr. J. Veselá
QH91146 Comprihesive method of protection of stored grain and milled cereals products against rodenst and insects with the employment of authomatic processes. Doc. RNDr. P. Rödl, CSc.
SP-1a6/108/07 Zdokonalení a zpřesnění modelování znečištění ovzduší a získání podkladů pro predikci zdravotního rizika MUDr. H. Kazmarová
FR-TI1/177 Development and practical testing of biocide preparates with the concentration on effectivity increase and widening the range of application. MUDr. V. Melicherčíková, CSc.
FR-TI1/391 Research of technology for sensitive and quantitative detection of human imunodeficiency virus (HIV) and optimization of PCR based diagnostic method Mgr. M.Linka
FR-TI1/494 Výzkum technologií a metod odstraňování těžkých kovů platinové skupiny z biologických odpadů a možností jejich recyklace MUDr. M. Zimová, CSc.
TA01020675- New methodological approach to control and evaluation of bathing waters Mgr. P. Pumann
TA01010552- Využití membrán s nano-póry pro snožování zdravotních rizik VOC z malých vodních zdrojů ke koupaní MUDr. M. Zimová, CSc.
TA01010613- Aqueous nanodispersions for functional surface treatment MUDr. D.Jírová, CSc.