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The Czech Republic water quality requirement for products which come in contact with drinking water and hot water - 68%

26.02.2007 00:00:00 Mgr. Petr Pumann
The Czech Republic water quality (hygienic) requirement for products which come in contact with drinking water and hot water is stated in The Public Health Act (Act 258/2000, Coll. as amended) and Decree 409/2005., Coll. The relevant part of the act and the decree (full text) in English.

Monitoring of the drinking water quality and health risks - 63%

13.10.2020 11:21:00 Vladimíra Puklová
Assessment of the exposure to contaminants from drinking water from the public water supply network in the Czech Republic as well as the health risks for the public health has been provided annually.  

Health significance of drinking water calcium and magnesium - 60%

1.06.2003 00:00:00 Mgr. Petr Pumann
This review summarizes the existing (as of February 2003) knowledge of health significance of drinking water calcium and magnesium and the attempts to reflect it in regulation and suggests how to bridge the regulatory gaps in this field.

The First Screening of Human Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water in the Czech Republic - 37%

18.01.2012 10:57:23 Mgr. Petr Pumann
Poster presented at the 2 e Congrés national se Santé et Environnement, Paris , 14.-15.12.2011.

Transposition of the Council Directive 98/83/EC - 35%

12.05.2000 00:00:00 Mgr. Petr Pumann
Transposition of the "Council Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption" into the national laws in the EU associated countries. Proceedings of the workshop (27 - 29 May 1999, Prague)

Water Quality - 26%

20.03.2008 10:35:08 Vladimíra Puklová

Centre for Health and the Environment - 13%

18.11.2011 13:52:57 Vladimíra Puklová

Plant protection products - 10%

31.05.2017 14:02:21 Ing. Marián Juskanin

LIST OF METHODS FOR FCM (= food contact materials) - 9%

14.11.2011 22:06:45 Rucki Marian

International cooperation - 8%

25.01.2008 07:54:42

Unit for Alternative Toxicological Methods - 8%

31.05.2011 14:02:38 Rucki Marian

NRL for Genetic Toxicology - 8%

14.06.2011 09:45:38 Rucki Marian

Tests performed by Department of Biomedicine - 8%

29.07.2011 10:25:07 Rucki Marian


14.11.2011 22:41:04 Rucki Marian

Bisphenols in Czech children - 8%

15.10.2020 10:23:48 Vladimíra Puklová
In 2019, the content of bisphenols A, F and S in archived urine samples of children from the Children's Health study was analyzed. 

Organisational structure - 8%

25.01.2008 07:49:51

National Projects Czech Republic - 8%

15.06.2011 08:48:56

Toxic organic compounds in human milk, 2017 - 8%

18.09.2018 09:53:32 Vladimíra Puklová
The study targeted the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and their derivatives, including some ‘new’ BFRs. The content of trans-fatty acids in part of the human milk samples was analysed as well.