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System tools for public health protection and promotion and health risk prevention

Reg. No CZ.1.06/3.2.01/02.06104 (01.01.2010 – 31.12.2014)

Project goal

The project focuses in a comprehensive way on the prevention of a wide range of lifestyle health risks with the most important impact on morbidity and mortality in the population of the Czech Republic. The Project goal is creating and implementing system programs of primary and secondary prevention using marketing tools to influence actively the risk factors for the most serious diseases and to modify risk behaviour patterns in the population. A major Project goal is to extend the mean life expectancy of the population of the Czech Republic and to achieve life quality improvement and health care cost reduction. Given the need for system savings within the public heath insurance system, this Project will contribute to the general sustainability of public health system funding in the Czech Republic by implementing system, evidence-based, and cost-effective measures.

The Project is divided into the following key activities (KAs):

  • KA3 - prevention of non-communicable diseases and lifestyle health risks,
  • KA4 - prevention of high risk behaviour in adolescents and young adults: alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse and gambling,
  • KA5 - HIV/AIDS prevention program,
  • KA6 - health promotion in the population above 50 years of age,
  • KA7 - injury prevention,
  • KA8 - prevention of antibiotic overuse and antibiotic resistance.

The project focuses on minimizing the most important lifestyle risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco abuse, stress, lack of physical activity, inadequate nutrition habits, risky sexual behaviour, antibiotic overuse, non-adherence to preventive measures, and lack of activity and mental disorders in the elderly. This focus is in accordance with the fact that non-communicable diseases – cardiovascular, metabolic, and cancer – have the greatest impact on population health and mortality. An important increase has recently been observed in HIV/AIDS cases. An upward trend is seen in alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse in adolescents and young adults. The Project is intended for both the general and professional public, families with children, adolescents and young adults, age disadvantaged population (50+), and at-risk population groups. The completion of the Project will be ensured by a wide project team of the National Institute of Public Health, supported by professional suppliers of marketing and software products.

Contact information

Statutary representative: Jitka Sosnovcová, MChem (e-mail: zdravust@szu_cz, phone: (420) 267 082 295)

Main contact person: Jan Šturma (e-mail: sturma@szu_cz, phone: (420) 267 082 212)

Tender procedures

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