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Unit for Biomedicine and Welfare of Laboratory Animals

Head:   Dagmar Jírová, M.D., Ph.D.

E-mail:  jirova@szu_cz


The Department for Biomedicine performs toxicological laboratory tests in human volunteers accompanied by physical / chemical analyses for the purpose of safety assessment of cosmetics and their ingredients, chemicals and mixtures, medical devices, products for children including toys, personal protection devices and other consumer products.

The Department provides efficacy testing of finished cosmetic products by means of clinical and instrumental methods, including determination of SPF / UVA PF in vivo in a group of volunteers and in vitro using spectrophotometry.

The Department performs obligatory testing of medical devices in vivo as the basis for Certificate of Compliance according to EN ISO 10993 standards.

The laboratories are accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute as a testing laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

The Department is also involved in reference activities in the field of public health protection and promotion, provides expert services to manufacturers and control authorities, ensures unique toxicological procedures for the assessment of toxicological properties of substances and products in the scope of the National Reference Laboratory for Experimental Immunotoxicology and National Reference Center for Cosmetics.

The Department pursues research and publishing activities in the framework of national and international grant projects, ensures participation of experts representing the Czech Republic in working groups and committees of the European Commission and European Council, in peer-review panels of ESAC-ECVAM and ICCVAM, OECD, CEN and ISO, namely in the field of cosmetics and alternative methods. Experts participate in the standard-setting process on the level of ISO, CEN and OECD and contribute to the proposal of national and international method guidelines and recommendations.


The Department for Welfare of Laboratory Animals provides breeding and housing of experimental animals, carries out activities in the field of veterinary medicine, GMO and laboratory animal science in the scope of the National Reference Laboratory for Protection of Laboratory Animals.

Laboratory animals are housed at different levels of barrier protection including GMO Class I and Class II and Biohazard Class III (see photo documentation). The price list for housing of experimental animals, calculated for one animal per day including overheads, is available on request: alena.vlkova@szu_cz.



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